Skulduggery Bluff & Ebenezer's Treasure

With maps and charts, the Corsairs sail for Skulduggery Bluff to search for the many hidden treasures of Captain Ebenezer Froggenhall.

 Froggenhall, rumored to have gone down with his ship and with all hands lost, has left behind a bounty of gold and gems that was valued at more than a King's ransom. In fact, a portion of it was once the ransom paid to save the King from being imprisoned and executed.

 With the thirteen Orphans, three young ladies, Captain Rocco Slaughter, Elizabeth Trevelyan, Scupper and the rest of the Pirate Kingdom poised to make the haul, there is almost nothing that could stop them from living a life of luxury.
"Climbin' a precipice be like lookin' straight up into the sun without squintin'. It just ain't be servin' no real purpose at all, I tell ye, none whatsoever."
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Home Port
The Gallows
Hear Ye, Hear Ye!
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La Isla de las Tres Coronas
Hoodoo Valley and the Cavern of Keckilpenny
The Battle of Sycamore Ridge
The Alchemist of Dredge Harbor
Hurricane Beach at Sassafras Bay
Homeward Bound
The Necromancer Demesne
Sea of Crocodile Tears
Mermaid Fish Tales
Skullduggery Bluff and Ebenezers Treasure
The Approach of Pernicious
The Lost Souls of Rio de la Hacha
The Last Oasis and Far Away Mirage
Shattered Dreams in a Fire Swept Sky
Devils Point at Mayaguana Passage
Slick Hickory Falls
Conch Island Welcomes an Old Pirate Friend
The Shores of Misery Atoll
Pieces of 8teen
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