Mermaid Fish Tales

The crew has taken on the task of merchant ship, wanting to deliver the prized goods they have come across to an island where it will bring a good profit.

 The ship becomes the victim of wild storms, strange insects, fearless rodents, and a ghostly spirit who does not want them to succeed. They struggle on, determined to be wealthy for their efforts, when they pass through the current from a world that has only been rumored.

 Nathaniel finds that his crew is being persuaded to leave the ship and join the Kingdom of Muirgheal. Willow makes a serious error that may change their lives forever. Nathaniel has to think quickly. Does he protect his long time friends, or save his newly found love.
"Magic spirits of the deep, I would like a tail not two feet, beauty be upon me, fish all kinds let me see, when I'm finished in the sea, when I'm dry my feet return to me.
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Home Port
The Gallows
Hear Ye, Hear Ye!
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La Isla de las Tres Coronas
Hoodoo Valley and the Cavern of Keckilpenny
The Battle of Sycamore Ridge
The Alchemist of Dredge Harbor
Hurricane Beach at Sassafras Bay
Homeward Bound
The Necromancer Demesne
Sea of Crocodile Tears
Mermaid Fish Tales
Skullduggery Bluff and Ebenezers Treasure
The Approach of Pernicious
The Lost Souls of Rio de la Hacha
The Last Oasis and Far Away Mirage
Shattered Dreams in a Fire Swept Sky
Devils Point at Mayaguana Passage
Slick Hickory Falls
Conch Island Welcomes an Old Pirate Friend
The Shores of Misery Atoll
Pieces of 8teen
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