Sea of Crocodile Tears

A boring lull for the Orphans leaves them with restless spirits. They ache to return to the sea. After much deliberation, and some plotting, a ship becomes the only thing they need to make their dreams come true.

 Warned of the consequences, threatened with being disbanded, the Orphans struggle to pull themselves together and form their union. They will not be deterred. They have lost their ability to fear.

 Nathaniel Wrigglesworth, still a boy by most standards, becomes a man, a captain and a leader. While fleeing England on one of the prize ship's of the Royal fleet, they nearly become fish food, saved from that fate by Captain Slaughter and Scupper. Now they sail to uncharted waters and unforeseen troubles.
"Fear be the feelin' inside we all be gettin' when things ain't right. Fear nothin' and some call ye brave, others know ye ta be a fool. Know this, fear is both a powerful ally and deadly enemy ya either control, or it controls ye."
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Home Port
The Gallows
Hear Ye, Hear Ye!
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La Isla de las Tres Coronas
Hoodoo Valley and the Cavern of Keckilpenny
The Battle of Sycamore Ridge
The Alchemist of Dredge Harbor
Hurricane Beach at Sassafras Bay
Homeward Bound
The Necromancer Demesne
Sea of Crocodile Tears
Mermaid Fish Tales
Skullduggery Bluff and Ebenezers Treasure
The Approach of Pernicious
The Lost Souls of Rio de la Hacha
The Last Oasis and Far Away Mirage
Shattered Dreams in a Fire Swept Sky
Devils Point at Mayaguana Passage
Slick Hickory Falls
Conch Island Welcomes an Old Pirate Friend
The Shores of Misery Atoll
Pieces of 8teen
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