The Orphan Corsairs by Xaak Doyle
The lure of the sea has called to many a man and woman, and in these trying times of wooden ships and canvas sails, many have never returned. What 's beyond the horizon is unknown, but sometimes the safety of having two feet planted firmly on land just doesn't provide the comfort it is supposed to.

Three young men, just boys to be truthful, gather up their mates and go on account with a cagey sea captain and his first mate, dreaming the sea would be more welcoming than the orphanage that they were placed in. Guilty of no crime, just without family by circumstance, the boys feel the bonds of prison weighing heavily upon their souls.

Whether it is their imagination, or the hard evidence, they scurry onto the ship, cast off and heave to on the lines to set the sheets. With the wind at their back, their future is somewhere just beyond the bow, but then, there are even more things that they will need to tend to as the adventure of a lifetime has just gotten underway.
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Xaak Doyle's "The Orphan Corsairs" is a multi-episode collection of fantastic stories taking us with boys who grow quickly into men as they take on the sea, broadside attacks and the day-to-day turmoil that is life onboard a sailing vessel.
Hear Ye, Hear Ye!
The Gallows
La Isla de las Tres Coronas
Hoodoo Valley and the Cavern of Keckilpenny
The Battle of Sycamore Ridge
The Alchemist of Dredge Harbor
Hurricane Beach at Sassafras Bay
Homeward Bound
The Necromancer Demesne
Sea of Crocodile Tears
Mermaid Fish Tales
Skullduggery Bluff and Ebenezers Treasure
The Approach of Pernicious
The Lost Souls of Rio de la Hacha
The Last Oasis and Far Away Mirage
Shattered Dreams in a Fire Swept Sky
Devils Point at Mayaguana Passage
Slick Hickory Falls
Conch Island Welcomes an Old Pirate Friend
The Shores of Misery Atoll
Pieces of 8teen
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